Monday, July 9, 2012

Out of Print Submissions

Out of Print is an online literary quarterly for short fiction with a connection to the Indian subcontinent.
We seek original writing in English or translated into English that is strong, well-crafted and reflects the pace and transition of our times. Based out of India, we are interested in submissions with a connection to the subcontinent from around the world. We encourage new writers and we encourage writing that tells a story.

No previously published work unless solicited

Word count between 1000 and 4000

Submissions to be cut and paste into the body of an email to 

Subject line should contain the word 'SUBMISSION' only

A cover letter with name, postal address, email address and telephone number

A short, approximately, 150 word biographical sketch

No attachments please.
Which means, of course, that all the material – story, cover letter, biographical sketch – to be included in the body of the email

One story at a time, please

Line spacing, 2, no special fonts

Simultaneous submissions are accepted - please inform us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere

No offensive, excessively violent or sexually explicit writing

On acceptance we may ask you to work with us on editing the story

Submissions all year round

We are a quarterly - we may take the entire three months before responding

Please wait one month after withdrawing or hearing from us about a submission that is in process before submitting again

If your work has been accepted, we probably won't publish another of your pieces in a consecutive issue

Copyright remains with the author. Out of Print has first electronic rights and e-archival rights. Should your piece be reprinted, we request the courtesy of an acknowledgement stating that the piece was first published in Out of Print with a link, if possible. Sending us a submission is tantamount to accepting this agreement.

No payment, unfortunately – we continue to seek sponsors.
In the mean time, we hope you will contribute to one of India's first online literary magazines dedicated to the short story.

For more on the kind of writing that interests us, and the reasons we may reject a submission, check Six Questions For Out of Print 

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