Thursday, July 26, 2018


An assertion or proposition that forms the basis for a work


Out of Print embarks on a project to engage its community of writers and readers. Stories published in the journal are being reviewed by authors and readers and reviewers and friends of Out of Print and through this examination, energising the meaning of the short story.

As project coordinator, Deeksha Balaji puts it:
Premise is a project which seeks to build a literary community and generate responses from the readers of Out of Print magazine, by connecting with writers and editors across the subcontinent to review some of the stories that have been published by us over the years.

If a story were to be compared to an investment, then the review would be an analysis of whether the investment yields good returns. In a larger sense however, a book review is more than just a thumbs up on the story. Reviews engage with the central idea of a story and morph into an extension of sorts. They provide a critical analysis and highlight the key themes in the stories.

Essentially, reviews reveal the story behind a story- they provide the Premise.


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