Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Workshops: PG Wodehouse

Hello fine readers: A workshop organised by Out of Print author, Nisha Susan, and Gaurav Jain.


Spend a weekend with the master of laughs and learn some profound lessons along the way.

On Reading: How to resist your education, be aware of prevalent conventions, enjoy the classics and consume both pop and high culture.

On Writing: How to keep a discipline, increase your efficiency, plan meticulously, understand your market, create universal appeal, be prolific, form zinger sentences, create fantastic characters and plot intricately.

On Living: How to remain cheerful in adversity, not misinterpret events, draw strength from childhood, keep lifelong friends, and foil all the zany schemes, dumb employers, bossy employees, horrible relatives and pesky pets out there.

In general, how to read better, write better and not be an insufferable literary git. Or something like that.

 from past participants: 

Dates: Saturday, April 6 2:00-6:00 pm & Sunday, April 7 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Venue: Indian Social Institute, Benson Town, Bangalore

Cost: Rs 2,500 (Includes tea/snacks on Saturday and lunch on Sunday)

Instructors: Nisha Susan & Gaurav Jain are prominent writers and critics. Susan is a fiction writer and former Culture Editor at Tehelkamagazine whose short stories have been published by Penguin, Zubaan and Out of Print. She was a columnist for Time Out Delhi and currently writes a film column for Her latest short story is published this month in the anthology Of Mothers & Others. Jain is a critic and former Literary Editor at Tehelka magazine who won the 2012 Press Club Award for Excellence in Journalism. He was on the jury last year for Elle India’s selection of the Best South Asian Young Writers.Susan and Jain were also the editors of Tehelka's annual issue of short stories for many years, where they commissioned and edited some of the finest south Asian writers such as Amitava Kumar, Ruskin Bond, Devdutt Pattanaik, Sarnath Banerjee, Anjum Hasan, HM Naqvi, Musharraf Ali Farooqi, etc.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Literary Magazine Database: Earthen Lamp Journal

Earthen Lamp Journal
Genre: Themed journal featuring all genres of literature
Focus: Literary writing: fiction (including translations, novelettes, extracts), creative non-fiction, poetry, reviews, interviews, art
Format: Online
Contact Details:
   Divya Dubey
   Mariam Karim Ahlawat
   Abdullah Khan
   Suneetha Balakrishnan
   KG Sreenivas
   Renu Kaul
Frequency: Three times a year
Last Issue: January 2013

The Literary Magazine Database: Muse India

Muse India, the literary ejournal
Genre: All genres of literature
Focus: Indian Writing in English and translations from all regional literatures
Format: Online
Contact Details:
   G S P Rao – Founding Managing Editor and Chief Editor
   Ambika Ananth – Poetry
   T Vijay Kumar – General
   Charanjeet Kaur – Literary Articles
   Atreya Sarma – Fiction & Book Reviews
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Last Issue: Mar-Apr 2013

The Literary Magazine Database: nether

Genre: poetry/prose/short fiction/non-fiction
Focus: writing in India
Format: Print
Contact Details:
   Divya Nadkarni,
   1 Kamal Niwas,
   Mogul Lane,
   Mahim, Mumbai 400016
Editors :
   Divya Nadkarni
   AB Datta
   Rohan Chhetri
Frequency: Quarterly
Last Issue: February 2012
Submission Guidelines:
Reading Period: All year

The Literary Magazine Database: Papercuts

Genre: poetry/fiction/reportage
Focus: Promotion of aspiring South Asian writers
Format: Online
Contact Details:
   Afia Aslam – Editor
   Omer Wahaj – Managing Editor
   Farheen Zehra – Associate  Editor
   Shehla Wynne – Prose  Editor
   Waqas Naeem – Prose  Editor 
   Noorulain Noor – Lead  Poetry Editor
   Osman Khalid Butt – Poetry Editor 
   Hera Naguib – Poetry Editor
   Amita Rao – Poetry Editor
Frequency: Biannual
Last Issue: Volume 11, Prequel, winter, 2013
Reading Period: All year

The Literary Magazine Database: Out of Print

Out of Print
Genre: literary short fiction
Focus: Writing connected to the subcontinent
Format: Online
Contact Details
   Indira Chandrasekhar – Founding Editor
   Samhita Arni – Editor
   Mira Brunner – Editor (on hiatus)
Frequency: Quarterly
Last Issue: Issue 10, March 2013
Submission Guidelines:
Reading Period: All year
Editor’s Comments:
See our Six Questions interview for a sense of what we look for

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Literary Magazine Database at Out of Print

The Literary Magazine Database:
Click on the link  next to a listing to see more information supplied by the respective magazine editors.

We are in the process of compiling a database of magazines that publish literary short fiction connected to the South Asian subcontinent.

Almost Island

Bengal Lights

Bombay Literary Magazine (The)


Criterion (The)


Earthen Lamp Journal

Four Quarters Magazine (The)


Helter Skelter (/New Writing)

Himal Southasian


Little Magazine (The)

Madras Mag

Muse India, the literary ejournal


North East Review
Open Road Review

Out of Print



Click on the link  next to a listing to see more information supplied by the respective magazine editors.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Out of Print Author Series: Altaf Tyrewala

Altaf Tyrewala's extraordinary Ministry of Hurt Sentiments was launched in October of 2012. Written in verse, its critical and uncompromising gaze is cast on the city of Mumbai and revealed through layers of stories.

His Mischief in Neta Nagar appeared in in the December 2011 issue of Out of Print and was picked up by a Norwegian publishing house. It will be part of an anthology that introduces young Norwegian teenagers to different cultures through the world of English literature!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Altaf Tyrewala in a Norwegian anthology

I was tremendously excited by a letter I received a few weeks ago from the Aschehoug Publishing House in Norway. Here is what it said:

Our education department is currently working on a new edition of REFLECTIONS, which is a textbook for learners of English in Norwegian upper secondary schools who are taking an in-depth course in English language studies and key issues related to culture and society in the English-speaking world. English-language literature forms part of the curriculum requirements for this course, and in addition to text written by the authors themselves, the book will also serve as an anthology of English-language literature. The authors of the book are Hellevi Haugen, Julia Kagge, Jan Erik Mustad, Nora Nordan, Ulla Rahbek, Audun Rugset, and Sigrid Brevik Wangsness.

REFLECTIONS was published in 2008 and needs to be revised and updated. We would like to include the short story Mischief In Neta Nagar by Altaf Tyrewala in the new edition, which will be called NEW REFLECTIONS. We found the short story here: 

I put Altaf in touch with them immediately – which was a minorly thrilling adventure in itself. The Norwegians needed a response urgently and Altaf’s internet was being gimpy so he hadn’t responded. I had to send urgent messages to lovely friends of Out of Print, Chandrahas Choudhury and Annie Zaidi for alternate ways to get the message across, and – I’d like to throw in a car chase or a shady alleyway scene, but – it was all quite straightforward after that.

Altaf tells me that everything has gone smoothly and he only awaits the delivery of New Reflections

Announcing the Bristol Short Story Prize

Rebecca Lloyd, writer, editor, Out of Print author, winner of the inaugural Bristol Short Story Prize and friend of Out of Print put the organisers of the highly regarded Bristol Prize in touch with us. 
The 2013 prize opened last week. Here are the details:

The 2013 Bristol Short Story Prize is open to all writers, UK and non-UK based, over 16 years of age.
Stories can be on any theme or subject and
entry can be made online via the website or by
post. Entries must be previously unpublished
with a maximum length of 4,000 words (There is no minimum). The
entry fee is £8 per story.
The closing date for entries is April 30th 2013.

1st £1000 plus £150 Waterstone’s gift card
2nd £700  plus £100 Waterstone’s gift card
3rd £400   plus £100 Waterstone’s gift card
17 further prizes of £100 will be presented to the writers
whose stories appear on the shortlist. All 20 shortlisted
writers will have their stories published in the Bristol Short
Story Prize Anthology Volume 6. The winning story will, also, be published
in Bristol Review of Books magazine.

The 20 shortlisted writers will be invited to an awards ceremony
in Bristol in October 2013 when the winners will be announced and the anthology launched.
Any shortlisted writers unable to attend the awards ceremony will be sent their prizes.
The awards ceremony will be part of the 2013 Bristol Festival of Literature.

Judging panel : Ali Reynolds (literary consultant, former Random House editor)
Bidisha (writer, broadcaster, critic) Anna Britten (author and  journalist)
Chris Wakling (novelist, Creative Writing tutor)

Full details and rules at

Monday, March 18, 2013

Out of Print 10

In the March 2013 release of Out of Print, our tenth, we feature five stories. They range in focus from accenting societal disparities, as in Sathya Saran’s The Anklet, and Murli Melwani’s Gift for the Goddess, to looking inward as do Salma’s On the Edge and Rheea Mukherjee’s A Larger Design, where quotidian navigations are skewed by the characters’ psychologies, and Tanuj Solanki’s Sentatoms, in which the personal and the creative are examined

The acutely fine cover art is by Olivia Fraser from her series, Sacred Landscape.

The issue brings new features: the links have now been organised so contributors, and successes that pertain to the authors are more easily accessed. A list of works that we run on occasion on the blog, stories that are chosen on a case by case basis, may also be read through the links.

As always, it is an honour to present the new edition of Out of Print. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Image of an Anklet

The exquisite ornament that inspired Sathya Saran's story, The Anklet, in the new issue of Out of Print!

Photo credit: Shiv Saran

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Out of Print Author Series: Annam Manthiram

Annam Manthiram has a new collection of short stories called Dysfunction published by Aqueous Press. 

I think often about the things that factor into putting a collection together – does a collection work best if the stories are coherent in terms of style or of setting, should they have a common thread, should they be linked or follow specific characters?

Judging from the blurb, and the comments from other writers, Dysfunction, as a collection is true to its name. The stories are ‘dramatically different in style and form’, they take you to ‘disparate worlds’ and ‘map the territory of the unloved’. They range from the wicked (a divorcĂ©e recounts her failed marriages sardonically from A to Z), to heart-wrenchingly commonplace (an older Indian woman struggles to find a husband during humiliating bride-viewings), and emotionally barren (a mother cannot understand why her family doesn’t love her enough to remember her son’s first birthday). At times funny, concludes the blurb, but always incisive, this collection of stories examines the survival of those whose only certainty is dysfunction.

Annam's story, the sad and disturbing The Reincarnation of Chamunda appeared in the Mythology issue of Out of Print in June, 2011 is in the collection.

We are ordering our copy of Dysfuntion now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Out of Print Author Series: Sampurna Chattarji

Sampurna Chattarji releases a new book, this time, we are proud to say, a short story collection! 

With the enticing title, Dirty Love, the stories in the collection are set, as detailed in the blurb, in the restless swirl of a Bombay where dream-shuttles speed through the rain and men fall prey to dirty love. Reeking of sewers, fish markets, slaughtered meat, and peopled with loners, misfits and drifters, these tales prise open the surface of everyday existence.

Sampurna’s ability to go deep into a character are evident from Just Looking, published in the March 2012 issue of Out of Print. We look forward to reading Dirty Love!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Short Fiction on the Out of Print Blog

Short Fiction on the Out of Print Blog

Suneeta Rao: Pink Doll
Indu Parvathi: A Version of She Can Sing
Monika Pant: The Pink Doll
Ila: Travails of a Dyeing Grandmother
Ayesha Aleem: Shoes
Sonali Bhatia: Clown Shoes and a Couple of Cats
Sucharita Dutta-Asane: Absolution
Joshua Salomon Gannon: Moksha: Ravana's Monologue
Sumitra Krishnan: Salamanca Story

Non-fiction on the Out of Print Blog
Ranjit Hoskote: Kekoo Gandhy

Out of Print is listed at


Divya A
Bride Barter

Azra Abbas
The Chameleon's Game   translation from Urdu, Daisy Rockwell

Janhavi Acharekar
Green Room excerpted from Wanderers All

Farah Ahamed
Dr Patel

Shahnaz Aijazuddin
The False God Laqa excerpted from a translation of Tilism-e-Hoshruba

Bhumika Anand

Ananthamurthy U R      
Apoorva, translation from Kannada, Deep Ganesh
The Hunt, The Bangle and The Chameleon, translation from Kannada, Deepa Ganesh  
Bara, an excerpt, translation from Kannada, Chandan Gowda

Ananth Aravamudan
The Real Connect

Nidhi Arora
It Is in The Eyes

Clare Arni
Cover, Out of Print 1

Samhita Arni      

Prashant Bagad
Accomplishment, translation from Marathi, Kaushika Draavid

Renu Balakrishnan
Spider Man

Vrinda Baliga
The Closed Door

Jan Banning
Cover, Out of Print 5

Jahnavi Barua    

Kaushik Barua
Come ON Take a TRIP excerpted from No Direction Rome

Sohini Basak
Pour Out The Evening Dose of Snails

Swapnil Bhatnagar
The Fuse

Suzanne Biever
The Blue Man

Tulsi Charan Bisht
Death of a Clerk

R K Biswas
Word Among Poets

Shom Biswas
The Other Transgression

Trisha Bora        

Patrick Bryson   
The Boundary Man         

Mira Brunner
Cover, Out of Print 7
Cover, Out of Print 18

Kavitha Yaga Buganna
A Sweet Life

Urvashi Butalia
Sexual Violence and Impunity with Navasharan Singh, for Zubaan

Satyajit Chakraborty
An Expensive Name

Indira Chandrasekhar     
Lennard-Jones Potentials                

Sampurna Chattarji     
Just Looking    
Salil Chaturvedi

Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla         
Chandrahas Choudhury   
Dnyaneshwar Kulkarni Changes His Name                

Shebana Coelho
Who Sees Colour First

Gitanjali Dang
Burial at Sea

Nabina Das

Prasanta Das      
The Girl with Good Handwriting                

Anannya Dasgupta
Swimming Pool
On My Way Upstairs

Ananya Dasgupta

Delna Dastur
Cover, Out of Print 21

Esther David
Dwaraka - The Floating Kitchen

Anjali Deshpande
A Post Modern Murder

Neeta Deshpande           
The Winning Move                
Lucinda Nelson Dhavan 

Salvatore Difalco

Time of the Djinns

Neha Dixit
Sexual Violence and Sectarian Violence

Kaushika Draavid
Translation from Marathi of Prashant Bagad's Accomplishment

Dion D'Souza
The Maid

Divya Dubey       
Ma Tujhe Salaam                  

Michelle Farooqi
Cover, Out of Print 31

Musharraf Ali Farooqi    
Olivia Fraser
Cover, Out of Print 10

Gangadhar Gadgil
Bittersweet translated from Marathi by Keerti Ramachandra

Nighat Gandhi   
Translation from Urdu of Firdaus Haider's The Cow    
Water of Life
Sharmaji's Shoes
Chitra Ganesh
Tales of Amnesia
Cover, Out of Print 18

Deepa Ganesh  
Translation from Kannada of U R Ananthamurthy's stories Apoorva and The Hunt, The Bangle and The Chameleon

Chandra Ganguly-Meyer
The Monkey God

Mridula Garg
Seven Little Rooms translated from Hindi by Mridula Garg

Natasha Gayari
Chennai Summer

Farah Ghuznavi
Getting There
Escaping the Mirror

Niven Govinden

Chandan Gowda
Translation from Kannada of K P Purnachandra Tejaswi's An Indentured Spirit
Translation from Kannada of U R Ananthamurthy's Bara
Translation from Kannada of P. Lankesh's The Retired Ones, with Narayan Hegde

Medha Gupta
Alice in Abadghar

Ratna Gupta
Image accompanying The Reincarnation of Chamunda by Annam Manthiram
Mortada Gzar
The Helmet House   translation from Arabic by Yasmeen S Hanoosh

Firdaus Haider   
The Cow   translation from Urdu, Nighat Gandhi   

Archana Hande
Cover, Out of Print 11
Yasmeen S Hanoosh
Translation from Arabic of Mortada Gzar's The Helmet House 

N S Harsha
Cover, Out of Print 9

Anjum Hasan     
The Big Picture  

Ali Madeeh Hashmi
Translation from Urdu of Ali Akbar Natiq's The Graveyard

Shaukat Hayat
The Pigeons of The Dome   translation from Urdu, Sara Rai

Narayan Hegde
Translation from Kannada of P. Lankesh's The Retired Ones, with Chandan Gowda

Sunny Hundal
The Crisis Facing Indian Men

Intizar Husain
Reserved Seat   translation from Urdu, Rakhshanda Jalil

Abdullah Hussein
Spring   translation from Urdu, Raza Naeem

Naz Ikramullah
Image accompanying Introduction to Hoshruba by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

The Table

Rashna Imhasly-Gandhi
Sexual and Gender Violence

Akshat Jain
Resurrection of A Dead Soul

Rakhshanda Jalil
Translation from Urdu of Intizar Husain's Reserved Seat

Aravind Jayan
Dinner for Three

Gayatri Jayaraman
Women Without Wombs

Nishita Jha
Through the Looking Glass

Philip John
Change Is Too Benign A Word

K Srilata
Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Manju Kak

Jayant Kaikini
The Threshold translation from Kannada, Pratibha Umashankar-Nadiger 

Reena Saini Kallat
Cover, Out of Print 33

Sushumna Kannan
Translation from Kannada of LC Sumitra's

Roshna Kapadia                
Eyes Like Yours                
Jyotsna Kapur
The Song

Neera Kashyap
Dual Awakenings

Saudha Kasim    
The Well              
Herra Khan
Cover, Out of Print 16

Mridula Koshy   
The Good Mother           

Ajay Krishnan    

V Sanjay Kumar
Karivardan excerpted from Accustomed Earth

Sheila Kumar

Zui Kumar-Reddy
Look Me in The I

Ranjeeta Kumari
Cover, Out of Print 23

P. Lankesh
The Retired Ones   translation from Kannada, Narayan Hegde and Chandan Gowda

Rebecca Lloyd   

Javed Ahmed Malik
Taj Mahal

Kuzhali Manickavel          
The Dolphin King     

Sharanya Mannivanan   
The High Priestess Never Marries                

Annam Manthiram          
Reincarnationof Chamunda                

Rohini Manyam Seshasayee

Neha Margosa

Harman Mavi
You are Dead

Ewa Mazierska
Shopping and Longing in Goa

Vijay Medtia

Avantika Mehta
The Green Thumb

Kamalakshi Mehta

Tashan Mehta   

Murli Melwani
Gift for the Goddess

Rajendra Kumar Mishra
A Moment of Happiness and Death translation from Hindi by the author

Sashikanta Mishra           
Patriots of The Will                

Rheea Mukherjee
A Larger Design
Rectification Still

Yamuna Mukherjee
Cover, Out of Print 0, the Dormant Issue
Cover, Out of Print 13

G R K Murty
Translation from Telugu of G V Krishna Rao's Dollhouse

Shabnam Nadiya
Do it by the Numbers

Raza Naeem
Translation from Urdu of Abdullah Hussein's Spring
Translation from Urdu of Razia Sajjad Zaheer's The Yellow Rose
Translation from Urdu of Mustansar Hussain Tara's Baba Bagloos

Prashila Naik
The Monk

Rihan Najib
An Age of Prudence

Brinda S Narayan
@The Shanghai Tea House

Mahesh Natarajan          

Ali Akbar Natiq
The Graveyard   translation from Urdu, Ali Madeeh Hashmi

Ajay Navaria
Honour, translation from Hindi, Sudarshan Purohit

Yamini Nayar
Cover, Out of Print 15

Uma Parameswaran       
Janice Pariat       

Mohit Parikh

Ajay Patri

Devdutt Pattanaik           

Sudhir Patwardhan
Cover, Out of Print 20
Cover, Out of Print 30

Srinath Perur     
Accidents of Fate      
Translation from Kannada of Vivek Shabhag's Ghachar Ghochar       

Arun Prakash
Thus, The Tale of Miss Tapna

Munshi Premchand
Qazzaqi   translation from Urdu, Fatima Rizvi

Sudarshan Purohit
Translation from Hindi of Ajay Navaria's Honour

Sara Rai
Translation from Urdu of Shaukat Hayat's The Pigeons of The Dome

Anupama Raju
Translation from Malayalam of Paul Zacharaiah's The Bar

Mahesh Ramchandani   
The Fartanic Curses                

Keerti Ramachandra
Translation from Marathi of Gangadhar Gadgil's Bittersweet   

V Ramaswamy
Translation from Bengali of Subimal Mishra's Who's Responsible
Translation from Bengali of Subimal Mishra's Lord You Showed me the Way

Kaushiki Rao

Mahesh Rao
The Smoke is Rising: An Excerpt

G V Krishna Rao

Saritha Rao Rayachoti

Shruthi Rao

Love Is A Thing Of The Cities       

Fatima Rizvi
Translation from Urdu of Munshi Premchand's Qazzaqi

Daisy Rockwell
Translation from Hindi of Shrilal Shukla's Among the Hunters
Translation from Hindi of Arun Prakash's Thus, The Tale of Miss Tapna
Translation from Urdu of Azra Abbas' The Chameleon's Game
Translation from Hindi of Krishna Sobti's The Currency has Changed

Anita Roy             

Madhumita Roy
Love Letter
G Sadasiv
The Necklace, Continued

Ram Sadasiv
Graphic Design for Pravin Vemuri's Thalaivar versus the Killer Toddlers

On the Edge, translation from Tamil, N Kalyan Raman

Sathya Saran
The Anklet
The Lost Note
Growing Up

Vidya Samson    
Indian Maidens Bust Loose: The Brothers Kansara                

Barnali Ray Shukla

Mohinder Singh Sarna
A Defender of Humanity, translation from Punjabi, Navtej Sarna

Navtej Sarna
Translation from Punjabi of Mohinder Singh Sarna's A Defender of Humanity

Priya Sarukkai-Chabria   
Hear Me                

Neeraj Sebastian
Bangalore in Flower

Vivek Shanbhag 
Ghachar Ghochar, an excerpt, translation from Kannada, Srinath Perur

Shweta Sharan
She Takes The Bus

Kavya Sharma
Mr Patted My Back

Parvati Sharma
That Family Feeling
Not a Folk Tale, Featuring A Dog

Bikram Sharma
The Family Tapestry


Murzban Shroff                
Mind Over Matter                

Srilal Shukla
Among the Hunters, translation from Hindi by Daisy Rockwell

Zuha Siddiqui
22 Mayfair

Komal Singh
Dear Future Self

Navsharan Singh
Sexual Violence and Impunity with Urvashi Butalia, for Zubaan

Noor Niamat Singh
The Semicircle of Life

Parineeta Singh
The House on Fox Hill

Hasanthika Sirisena
The Other One

Harsh Snehanshu

Krishna Sobti
The Currency Has Changed, translation from Hindi by Daisy Rockwell

Tanuj Solanki
The Same Story Through The Theoretical Framework Of A Grand Kaleidoscope
The Same Experiment, Again

Noon's Entry excerpted from Neon Noon
The Issue

Rahul Soni           
Pavithra Srinivasan
The Good Wife, A Retelling
Susmita Srivastava           
The Man Who Wore a Hat                

Giorgia Stavropoulou
Desperately Bold in Lucknow

Karthik Subramanian      

LC Sumitra, translation from Kannada by Sushumna Kannan

Nisha Susan        
The Woman Who Forgot To Invent Facebook     

Shruti Swamy
Black Dog

Janet H Swinney

Mansha Tandon               
The Invisible Constituency                

Mustansar Hussain Tarar
Baba Bagloos, translated by Raza Naeem

K P Purnachandra Tejaswi
An Indentured Spirit, translation from Kannada, Chandan Gowda

Rashmi Terdal
Translation from Kannada of Vasudhendra's Bedbug

Sudha G Tilak
The Missing

Amrita Tripathi
Excerpt from the Sibius Knot

Salil Tripathi
The Brave Ones

Jessica Tyner      
The Stopgap       

Altaf Tyrewala   
Mischief in Netanagar   
Vishnu Sandwich Stall             

Pratibha Umashankar-Nadiger
Translation from Kannada of Jayant Kaikini's The Threshold

Chika Unigwe
The Itinerary of Grief

Usha K R              
Sepia Tones        

Vinayak Varma  
Star Light, Star Bright                

Bedbug, translated from Kannada by Rashmi Terdal

Pravin Vemuri
Thalaivar versus the Killer Toddlers  graphic design, Ram Sadasiv

Radhika Venkatarayan   
The Gift                

Sowmya Vidyadhar
The Hole in the Wall

Kaushik Viswanath

Anubha Yadav   
The Naked Gods              

Paul Zacharaiah   
The Bar, translation from Malayalam, Anupama Raju

Annie Zaidi          

Hananah Zaheer
A Moment of Silence

Razia Sajjad Zaheer
The Yellow Rose, translation from Urdu by Raza Naeem

Fehmida Zakeer               
Basic Instincts            
A Season of Premature Twilight

Jason Zeitler
The Water's Edge