Saturday, July 28, 2018

Premise: 'A Gift for the Goddess' by Murli Melwani, a response by Kusum Choppra

A Gift for the Goddess by Murli Melwani
A Response by Kusum Choppra

‘Gift for the Goddess’ published in Issue 10, March 2013 of Out of Print, narrates a horrifying occurrence that should not belong to the 21st century.

When modern engineering and superstition collide in rural areas, who wins? You guessed it: superstition. 

What I wonder is that when men think of evil, why do they ALWAYS  attribute it to a goddess/ a ma?

Is it not time that  these 'Unspokens'  are now brought into light and questioned? 

Reviewer Kusum Choppra is a writer.

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