Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Out of Print in Article on Small Magazines

Out of Print features in an article about small magazines in Forbes India. The article is now accessible online.

Documenting the history and influence of small magazines that made their first appearance in the 1800s in the UK and US, Janice Pariat follows their development in India from the 1950s, when the regional voice dominated the scene, to the present time where the numbers of magazines in English are rising.  She discusses the impact of new media on the movement and comments, based on talking to the featured editors, that ‘small magazines are willing to push literary boundaries’. We are proud to be identified as follows: At Out of Print, founding editor Indira Chandrasekhar says their story choices are informed by the issue of living in an era of intense and accelerated transition that may destroy the diverse, yet common narratives that link us. Although only two issues old, it has featured a fine selection of stories including pieces by Mridula Koshy and Anjum Hassan.

A report on the article appears in The Publisher's Post.

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