Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Indo-Norwegian Fiction Writing Competition

Indo-Norwegian Fiction Writing Contest

Keep your eyes open for more details about this competition which seeks to challenge and explore perceptions we have of ‘The Other’.

What kind of notions do Norwegians have about India and Indians? And vice versa: how do Indians imagine Norway and Norwegians?

The contest will be announced both in Norway and in India, and participants will have to ‘write themselves into’ an Indian and a Norwegian context, respectively. 

The competition will result in an anthology consisting of between 12-20 pieces, one half written by Indian writers, the other half by Norwegians. The texts will be translated and presented in Hindi, English and Norwegian. Two winners, one from India and one from Norway will have a chance to travel to Norway and India, respectively.
Out of Print will let you know more as we hear from project coordinator Mira Beckstrøm Laurantzon.

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  1. Certainly a great deal of fuel for this competition now, with the tragic happenings of the Bhattacharya family.