Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out of Print Author Series: Annie Zaidi

Short stories about LOVE

Annie Zaidi, whose disturbing yet liberating story, ‘Sujata’ appeared in the first anniversary issue of Out of Print, has a new book, 'Love Stories # 1 to 14'. Here is a capture of the stories in it:

A woman who won’t let the shadow of death disrupt her love-life, another who falls irrevocably in love with a dead police officer, a devoted wife who steps out twice a week for Narcotics Anonymous meetings, friends who should have been lovers, the woman who offers all her pent-up love to a railway announcer’s voice … AnnieZaidi’s delightful short stories are at once warm and distant, violent and gentle – and, above all, untroubled by cynicism. This is a look at love, straight in the eye, to understand the contrary, alluring nature of the beast.

Out of Print Editor, Indira Chandrasekhar had the pleasure of chatting about writing and the literary world with Annie over the course of Mumbai's Literature Festival last month. Although we have not yet explored Love Stories, we are quite sure they will be worth the read!

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