Friday, February 20, 2015

Out of Print Author Series: Nabina Das

Congratulations to Out of Print author, Nabina Das, whose The House Of Twining Roses: Stories of the Mapped and the Unmapped is available on the stands.

Nabina’s Out of Print story is entitled Decoded. It’s a story that lingers with me, it’s a story that ‘tears at the readers’ perceptions as they wander …through a maze’ that intertwines the real and unreal.

We asked Nabina to send us a short blurb about the book. 

The House Of Twining Roses: Stories of the Mapped and the Unmapped 

This is a collection of stories that span the lives of women and girls caught in the snare of history and society. One reads about the memories of Subcontinental Partition, trials in a neo-liberal India, non-resident joys and fears, and also, coming of age in surroundings of political upheavals. The reader encounters individuals who are either dreaming or imagining in a space where identity and justice, as well as ideal and memory define their portraits. The characters and settings are spread through different parts of the world and it’s the storytelling that bring them alive as real people.

In the foreword, bestselling writer Ashok Banker says about the book: ‘These are the life events and updates not found on Facebook or Twitter. These are the unglamorized denizens of places beyond the scope and cameras of reality television and phony soap operas… In capturing these exquisite, easy vignettes, Nabina Das has mapped the unmapped beautifully, endearingly, perfectly.’ Noted translator and author Arunava Sinha said in a blurb on the cover of the book that ‘The people in these stories will take over your waking hours.’

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  1. Congratulations indeed to Nabina. The book looks really interesting and the title fabulous!