Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Call for Submissions: The 2015 Out of Print Short Fiction Special for the DNA 'Just Before Monday' Edition

Announcing the 2015 DNA special edition devoted to short fiction selected by OUT of PRINT.

The theme of the edition is Erosion.

Out of Print invites works that comment on erosion interpreted as the writer chooses.  
Examples could include 
- the erosion of political freedom and its frightening impact on society and culture
- relationships that are losing meaning in big or small ways 
- disintegrating emotional stabilities either individual or collective
- physical erosion and its effect on the environment 
Writers are encouraged to explore these, or other lines of thought that align with the theme through stories that are creative, deeply thought out, well-crafted and finely written. Whether they are subtle, bold, conventional, edgy, or experimental the stories must have impact to capture the judges’ attention.

The stories will be judged by the Out of Print editorial team, Indira Chandrasekhar, Leela Levitt and Ram Sadasiv.

The winning story and four finalists will be chosen for publication in the DNA Sunday spread, ‘Just Before Monday’.
The winning story will receive a prize of Rs 10000. The remaining four finalists will receive an award of Rs 5000 each.
Prizewinners and 10 shortlisted writers will be published online in DNA’s e-paper and on the blog attendant on Out of Print magazine.

Submitted works must be original, in English, previously unpublished, and close to 2000 words in length. Stand-alone excerpts from long fiction under construction will also be entertained.
Only one submission per writer will be read.
Submissions should be cut and pasted into the body of an email and sent to dnashortstories@gmail.com.
Subject line should readDNA-Out of Print 2015’.
Please note, no attachments will be opened.
A short biographical note of 150-200 words should accompany the submission.
Upon hearing from us about being chosen for publication, the winner and five finalists will be asked to send in a photograph immediately.

The last date for submissions is Friday, 9 October at midnight IST.

Writers, whose stories have been chosen for publication, will be informed by 30 October. If you have not heard from us by then, it means, unfortunately, that your piece has not been chosen.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

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