Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction Longlist

33 stories make the longlist of the DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction Special.

Thank you to all the writers who sent in their work. We were impressed at the ways in which the writers addressed the theme, 'Erosion'. There were many stories about the disintegration of values and relationships, about the ageing of the body and mind, and some based on erosion in nature. The Out of Print editors did not have an easy time identifying the stories in the longlist. But here they are, listed in order of submission date. 

The shortlist will be announced mid-November.

Dipika Mukherjee
A Heirarchy of Grief
Abhay Kumar Dubey
The Missing Sky
Barnali Ray Shukla
Clockwise round the Fire
Indu Suryanarayan
Mathangi Subramanian
Half Wild
Sowmya Aji
August 15, 2012
Farah Ahamed
Life Will be Better
Sunil Sharma
The Sad Strange Tale of the Muting of Penelope
Puskar Pande
Suresh S
Neera Kashyap
As Quiet as a Feather Falling
Abha Iyengar
The Marshlands
Trisha Bora
How to Lose a River
Vijay Medtia
Two Hundred Rupees
Nabina Das
The Trains Came Back
Revathi Raj Iyer
Syra's Secret
Michelle D'costa
The Corpse
Yogesh Patwari
The Vegetable Thief
Pravin Vemuri
The Last Rain
RK Biswas
The Books
Meghna Pant
The Good Husband
Sudha Nair
Tethered to the Past
Rock Paper Scissors
Kanchana Doraiswamy
Humming Birds
Zui Kumar-Reddy
Anagrams and Barbed Wire Jesus
Devika Rajan
Post Apocalypse
Tatyarao's Story
Kunal Deliwala
The Broken Window
Tanuj Solanki
Reasonable Limits
Prashila Naik
Like the Sun Disappeared Behind the Clouds
Harsh Snehanshu
No Woman's Land
Vrinda Manocha
Mud and Rain
Jyothi Vinod
Memory of a Fragrance

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