Sunday, November 20, 2016

The 2016 DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction Longlist

DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction: The Long list

Congratulations to the thirty three writers who make the DNA-OUT of PRINT short fiction long list from a set of significantly high-quality submissions themed around 'Dissent'.

The shortlist will be announced next Sunday, November 27.

Judges: Ram Sadasiv, Leela Levitt, Indira Chandrasekhar

Krithika Akkaraju
The Sandalwood Frame
Shivani Bhasin
A Call To Calm
R K Biswas
The Rabbit
Tanmoy Biswas
Trisha Bora
The Guests
Dishashree Bose
Sharp Sudden Corners
Maxwel Chhetry
Maggu Is Dead
Selma Cravalho
Mand Goes To Church
Michelle D'costa
The Untitled Story
Amritha Dinesh
Venu Decides To Die
Nandita Dutta
K T Jaidip
Vandana Kumari Jena
The Ideologue
Damini Kane
Yuvraj Kumar
A Floating Life
Zui Kumar Reddy
Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla
Sindh 1947
Dyuti Mishra
A User's Guide To Compliance
Shabnam Nadiya
Prashila Naik
Patience, Ramu, Patience
Anirban Nanda
City Life
Meera Raja
Devika Rajan
Moment of Truth
Pervin Saket
The More Things Change
C G Salamander
Let's Spit On Dolphins
Karthik Shankar
Appa's Scooter
Bikram Sharma
A Vocabulary Of Absence
Dhiraj Singh
The World's Oldest
Rosemary Thomas
Sr. Marianne And The Cause Of Death
Radhika Venkatarayan
Meeting With Madhavan
Jyothi Vinod
Kulpreet Yadav
The Window At The End Of The Street
A Fragrance That Could Have Been

Listed in alphabetical order of author name. Single name authors are listed last.

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