Monday, April 2, 2012

Junoon Theatre

Waiting to figure out the exciting ways in which Out of Print will be part of this cool new platform for the arts:
Check out JUNOON an amazing new effort by Sanjana Kapoor and Sameera Iyengar to create multiple platforms to access, engage with and enjoy theatre and the related arts.
Here is what Sanjana and Sameera say:

Greetings from Junoon!
We have an audacious idea. We believe that the arts need to be an integral part of our world. And we believe that together we can make this happen. And so we've created Junoon.
As Junoon, we will create multiple platforms where you can access, engage with, and enjoy theatre and the related arts. Over the year, we will unravel a calendar of interactions and engagements to delight us all. A lot of this will initially happen in Mumbai, but soon spread to different parts of the country. That's our dream. We invite you to join us -- to participate, to help us spread the word, to celebrate the joy of theatre.
Engaging children and youth is key to the world that Junoon wants to build. Our ARTS AT PLAY programme will offer youngsters a series of delicious engagements with the arts over the year.
We begin with our summer season of workshops and plays -- which some of you have previously known as Summertime with Prithvi Theatre. This programme was started by Sanjna 22 years ago to bring the strength of theatre to youngsters. This programme will now be run under the banner of Junoon's ARTS AT PLAY -- keeping the original vision, and building on our existing team of super conductors.
This year, we are delighted to offer 45 workshops across 5 venues in Mumbai and a season of plays -- 49 shows of 18 plays -- at Prithvi Theatre. This will run from mid-April to early June -- details are up on our site, and forms will be available, as usual from 1st April.
Do visit our website -- to know more about our dreams and plans, and to get details of ARTS AT PLAY. And if you share our dream, get involved, come for our programmes, spread the word -- and help us infuse the arts into our lives.
With warm regards,
Sanjna & Sameera

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