Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out of Print Author Series: Anjum Hasan

We at Out of Print have pre-ordered and look forward with eagerness to reading Out of Print author and friend, Anjum Hasan's new collection of short fiction, Difficult Pleasures from the Penguin, Viking imprint.

From the Blurb: Wry, tender, borderline surreal,  Difficult Pleasures is a collection of stories about the need to escape and the longing to belong. 

Anjum, commenting on reading and writing short stories says, A collection of stories is not a novel in disguise. And a short story is not an equation. There is always something left over at the end of a modern story—in the reader, the desire to know more, perhaps, or the feeling that something inexpressible has been communicated. I like that idea—that in writing a story one is writing nothing more, but also nothing less, than ‘just’ a story.

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