Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Out of Print Authors on the 2012 20 under 40 list

Thrilled and proud that five Out of Print authors, which includes our editor, Samhita Arni, are on the Elle 20 out of 40 list.

As Deepanjana Pal says in her blog post, From Elle: The Storytellers, Inspired by Granta’s 20 under 40, the book enthusiasts in ELLE thought it was about time that there was a desi equivalent, so we got in touch with some of the sharpest reviewers in the business and with their help, emerged the list you see in the article titled “The Storytellers”.
The Elle cover and editorial celebrate the issue’s commitment to literature. 

Below, our five authors, and links to their Out of Print stories. Congratulations!

- Samhita Arni
Sita in June 2011 (accompanying artwork, Ram Rahman. Click on image for story)
- Jahnavi Barua 
Birdsong in March 2011 
- Chandrahas Choudhury
Kuzhali Manickavel
The Dolphin King in June 2011 (accompanying art, Jittish Kallat. Click on image for story)
- Annie Zaidi
Sujata in September 2011 

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