Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of Print Stories in a list honouring the US National Short Story Month

Two stories from Out of Print are on the list in honour of the US National Short Story Month, 2012 compiled by Gay Degani, editor Flash Fiction Chronicles. They are

   > This Is Us And This Is Us Outside by Kuzhali Manickavel from our first issue 

   > The Reincarnation of Chamunda by Annam Manthiram from the mythology edition. 

Our authors share the platform with Raymond Carver, Katherine Mansfield, Etgar Keret, Flannery O’Connor and other greats.

The proposers were asked simply to suggest 'pieces of fiction that have turned you on, blown you away, made you laugh or cry.'

Congratulations to our authors, whom we are proud to feature at Out of print

Metamorphoses Retold by Ratna Gupta accompanies Annam's story in the Mythology Issue

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