Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Altaf Tyrewala in a Norwegian anthology

I was tremendously excited by a letter I received a few weeks ago from the Aschehoug Publishing House in Norway. Here is what it said:

Our education department is currently working on a new edition of REFLECTIONS, which is a textbook for learners of English in Norwegian upper secondary schools who are taking an in-depth course in English language studies and key issues related to culture and society in the English-speaking world. English-language literature forms part of the curriculum requirements for this course, and in addition to text written by the authors themselves, the book will also serve as an anthology of English-language literature. The authors of the book are Hellevi Haugen, Julia Kagge, Jan Erik Mustad, Nora Nordan, Ulla Rahbek, Audun Rugset, and Sigrid Brevik Wangsness.

REFLECTIONS was published in 2008 and needs to be revised and updated. We would like to include the short story Mischief In Neta Nagar by Altaf Tyrewala in the new edition, which will be called NEW REFLECTIONS. We found the short story here: 

I put Altaf in touch with them immediately – which was a minorly thrilling adventure in itself. The Norwegians needed a response urgently and Altaf’s internet was being gimpy so he hadn’t responded. I had to send urgent messages to lovely friends of Out of Print, Chandrahas Choudhury and Annie Zaidi for alternate ways to get the message across, and – I’d like to throw in a car chase or a shady alleyway scene, but – it was all quite straightforward after that.

Altaf tells me that everything has gone smoothly and he only awaits the delivery of New Reflections

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