Monday, March 18, 2013

Out of Print 10

In the March 2013 release of Out of Print, our tenth, we feature five stories. They range in focus from accenting societal disparities, as in Sathya Saran’s The Anklet, and Murli Melwani’s Gift for the Goddess, to looking inward as do Salma’s On the Edge and Rheea Mukherjee’s A Larger Design, where quotidian navigations are skewed by the characters’ psychologies, and Tanuj Solanki’s Sentatoms, in which the personal and the creative are examined

The acutely fine cover art is by Olivia Fraser from her series, Sacred Landscape.

The issue brings new features: the links have now been organised so contributors, and successes that pertain to the authors are more easily accessed. A list of works that we run on occasion on the blog, stories that are chosen on a case by case basis, may also be read through the links.

As always, it is an honour to present the new edition of Out of Print. 

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