Saturday, November 21, 2015

2015 DNA-OUT OF PRINT Short Fiction: Winner and 4 Finalists

We are immensely pleased to announce the winner and 4 finalists of the DNA-OUT OF PRINT Short Fiction Special.

These stories have stood out for the nuance and complexity with which they examine the theme of Erosion. They each stem intimately from the personal, and yet range in their scope from the closer to the wider. Memories ripped away so they cannot layer controlled realities; birth and death and old age, balance and imbalance; civility destroyed by the oppressiveness of entrapment and jealousy; a recognition of the inevitable, pointless and circular nature of existence; the shroud of societal prejudice and the violence it engenders – these are what the stories are about.

We are honoured to present them and hope the readers will enjoy reading them.

Out of Print editors: Indira Chandrasekhar, Leela Levitt, Ram Sadasiv

Winner and finalists of the 2015 DNA-OUT OF PRINT Short Fiction Special

Zui Kumar-Reddy
Indu Suryanarayan
Farah Ahamed
Tanuj Solanki
Suresh S

Links to the remaining stories on the shortlist may be found here.


  1. Interesting how every winner has been previously, and extensively, published.

  2. Absolutely delighted to read this first thing in the morning and now looking forward to reading all the stories. What an interesting theme, Out of Print.