Saturday, December 16, 2017

2017 DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction: Winner and Finalists

When OUT of PRINT set the 2017 theme for the competition, it continued a subtle commentary from CHOICE that was held soon after the last national elections, to DISSENT, EROSION and now WATCHING.

The winning stories were picked not just for their strength but also for the way in which they interpreted WATCHING.

The first story, about a budding stalker evokes sympathy and an acute underlying sense of tragedy. The second plays with birdwatching to highlight a woman’s observations on her marriage and her husband as she inadvertently spots him. The third is the commentary of a young woman on her family with an increasingly paranoid mother whose kindness and humour are evident. Few of the works interpreted the theme in the sense of a universal watcher except the fourth that features a terrifying collector of data who is both subhuman and superhuman. Finally, story five takes the reader into the thoughts of a young woman who yearns that for once, a lustful gaze will fall upon her.

Judges: Ram Sadasiv and Indira Chandrasekhar, editors, OUT of PRINT

Bikram Sharma
Jyothi Vinod
Selma Carvalho
Sohini Basak
Bhumika Anand

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