Saturday, December 2, 2017

The 2017 DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction Longlist

DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction: The Long list

25 stories make the long list of the 2017 DNA-OUT of PRINT short fiction special feature. The stories, listed in alphabetical order of the authors’ first names, were selected from a set of excellent submissions that examined the theme ‘Watching’.

The shortlist will be announced next Sunday, December 10.

Judges: Ram Sadasiv and Indira Chandrasekhar, editors, OUT of PRINT

Aditya Mani Jha
  Japani Hanuman
Ahana Chaudhuri
Amritha Dinesh
  The Perfect Role
Bhumika Anand
  The Gaze
Bikram Sharma
  The Loneliest Man in Ward 11, Physiotherapy
Juanita Kakoty
  How Acchan Miyan Lost his Mind
Julia Dutta
  Then, Who Was the Other?
Jyothi Vinod
  Monotony of Hornbills
Krupa Ge
  Sudden Departure
Maya Unnikrishnan
  110 Roots
Meera Rajagopalan
  Thinly Veiled
Michelle D'costa
  The Girl in the White Dress
Priya Narayanan
  No Woman's Land
Rebecca Mathai
  Watching at the Doorstep
Rochelle Potkar
Sayantan Ghosh
  And then One Day
Selma Carvalho
  The Blighted Harvest
Shruthi Rao
  A Bollywood Romance
Smriti Thakur
  The Way to Tuticorin from Konni
Sohini Basak
  And if that Looking Glass gets Broke …
Sunil M S
Swetha Sadanand
Torsa Ghosal
V Sanjay Kumar
Varsha Tiwary
  Mrs Sharma's Toxic Vigil

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