Saturday, December 9, 2017

The 2017 DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction Shortlist

DNA-OUT of PRINT Short Fiction: The Shortlist

The 10 fine stories that constitute the shortlist of the 2017 DNA-OUT of PRINT short fiction special are recorded in alphabetical order of the authors’ first names.

The theme ‘Watching’ has been interpreted in ways ranging from the intensely personal where paranoia, fear, oppression, seduction and yearning engendered by watching or being watched have been explored. Other stories interpret the theme as observing and spying.

The 5 finalists will be announced next Sunday, December 17 and the stories will be published in DNA’s spread, Just Before Monday. In addition, they will appear in the DNA e-paper and on the OUT of PRINT blog. The remaining 5 shortlisted stories will also appear on the OUT of PRINT blog and in the DNA e-paper.

Judges: Ram Sadasiv and Indira Chandrasekhar, editors, OUT of PRINT

Aditya Mani Jha
Japani Hanuman
Ahana Chaudhuri
Bhumika Anand
The Gaze
Bikram Sharma
The Loneliest Man in Ward 11, Physiotherapy
Jyothi Vinod
Monotony of Hornbills
Selma Carvalho
The Blighted Harvest
Sohini Basak
And if that Looking Glass gets Broke …
Sunil M S
Torsa Ghosal
Varsha Tiwary
Mrs Sharma's Toxic Vigil

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