Thursday, July 10, 2014

DNA-Out of Print Short Fiction July 2014: The Longlist

The DNA-Out of Print Short Fiction Feature, 2014
The Longlist

We had a tremendous variety of submissions to the DNA-Out of Print Short Fiction Contest. Rather unfortunately, a few were sent as attachments and could not be read and some violated the word count restrictions beyond our rather flexible filters. But of the ones we did read, 30 made the longlist. They are listed in order of submission date.

Thank you authors for your strong thoughtful writing. Identifying the shortlist is not going to be easy.

Prashila Naik
Naach Basanti Naach
Sudha Mathew
Left or Right?
Tanuj Solanki
The Sad Unknowability of Dilip Singh
Kulpreet Yadav
Long Way from Home
Nabina Das
Malena Learns the Spices
Aqueous Aura
Cat Smoking
Alex Sobel
Facts of the Heart
Yamini Vijendran
The First Rain
Boby Mohan
The Velvet Glove
Monika Pant
Gaurav Deka
The Last Sin
K Sahasranaman
The Curious Case of the Missing Postbox
Shruthi Rao
The Awakening
Anuraag Baruah
The Rainman
Manoshij Banerjee
My Talisman
Sumana Khan
The Triumvirate
Fehmida Zakeer
Babies in the Park
Sanchari B
The Aftereffects of a Nightmare
Tejaswini Apte Rahm
One Hour, Nine Hours Ago
Ajay Patri
Shifting Lives
Rachna Kiri
Mishti Doi
Garima Goel
Petroleum Venus
Sudha Nair
Prying Eyes
Nilanjan Coomar
No Picture
Sreejith Sukumaran
Mohit Parikh
A Touch Deep Down
Kennith Rosario
Land Beyond the Growing Hill
Sayantan Sunny Ghosh
Deepak Unnikrishnan
The Old Woman Who Could Fly 
Hema Raman
All Alone Together


  1. The anticipation, delicious. :)

  2. Ram's comment in response to the pre-announcement avatar of this post that read: The theme, choice. The prize, the honour of publication, the prize money, enticing.

  3. this looks so exciting, Indira, just reading down the list of titles makes me want to stop doing what I'm doing and read them all...