Thursday, July 17, 2014

DNA-Out of Print Short Fiction July 2014: The Shortlist

DNA-Out of Print Short Fiction, 2014
The Shortlist

Congratulations to the writers on the DNA-Out Print Short Fiction shortlist.

It’s been an intense experience re-reading each work from the longlist and evaluating it once again for theme, craft, and for the intrinsic aspect of the piece itself. We had to be more stringent about word length than we had been when creating the longlist and, unfortunately, had to let a couple of pieces go. But the stories that were finally chosen, demonstrate the range of issues and writing styles that characterise the submissions to this short fiction contest on ‘Choice’.

The stories in the shortlist will be published next weekend and maybe accessed from this list. One winner and four runners-up will appear in the DNA print edition, and in the corresponding e-paper. The shortlisted stories will appear on the Out of Print blog and in DNA online.

Shruthi Rao
Tanuj Solanki
Deepak Unnikrishnan
Monika Pant
Ajay Patri
Manoshij Banerjee
Garima Goel
Sudha Mathew
Kulpreet Yadav
Hema Raman
Sanchari B
The Aftereffects of a Nightmare
Sreejith Sukumaran
Nabina Das
Malena Learns the Spices
Fehmida Zakeer
Babies in the Park
Mohit Parikh
A Touch Deep Down
Kennith Rosario
Land Beyond the Growing Hill
Gaurav Deka
The Last Sin
K Sahasranaman
The Curious Case of the Missing Postbox
Rachna Kiri
Mishti Doi


  1. good titles! Good luck to all of you..

  2. looking forward to reading these stories, congratulations to all the writers, but of course particularly to Monika and Findy who I know...